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"Is This Happening Within My Company."


Facebook banned for council staff

A council is to ban Facebook on its computers after it was revealed staff spent on average 400 hours on the site every month.
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Council bans Facebook after staff spend 572 hours networking

Council staff have been stopped from using Facebook during office hours after they ran up 572 hours, the equivalent of 71 working days, in one month.
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Town hall bans staff from using Facebook after they waste 572 hours in ONE month

A council has banned its staff from using Facebook after they spent up to 572 hours a month looking at the website instead of working.
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No doubt, over the last few weeks, you have read various articles like this and if you have employees or a team working for you, are now thinking "is this happening within my company."
Well here at Dtech we can prevent anything like this from happening to you. Using our 'Sonicwall' hardware and software you can rest assured that you control access to all social networking and all other productiviy losing websites.

SonicWALL Content Filtering Service (CFS) provides unequalled protection and productivity policy enforcement for businesses, schools, libraries and government agencies. SonicWALL has created a revolutionary content filtering architecture, utilizing a scalable, dynamic database to block objectionable and unproductive Web content.

Businesses, educational institutions and government agencies assume substantial risks and costs when they provide Internet access, particularly when those connections are used to access sites containing information or images that are inappropriate, illegal or dangerous. Unrestricted Web access can result in excessive non-productive Web surfing, creating tremendous losses in productivity. Schools, in particular, have a responsibility to protect students from inappropriate and harmful Web content. In addition, both schools and libraries that receive eRate funding are required by law to install a content filtering solution in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

SonicWALL Content Filtering Service provides the ideal combination of control and flexibility to ensure the highest levels of protection and productivity. SonicWALL CFS prevents individual users from accessing inappropriate content while reducing organizational liability and increasing productivity. Advanced flexibility features are available in SonicWALL CFS Premium, which allows administrators to enforce custom policies for different user groups on the network.

By allowing enforcement of User Level Authentication (ULA), SonicWALL CFS requires individuals to log on to the network with their username and password. Administrators are given complete control over who may or may not access the Internet, further enhancing control, protection and productivity.

This innovative solution utilizes a comprehensive URL database to instantly sort questionable or inappropriate sites into as many as 50+ categories. The network administrator applies policies to each category, enforcing the desired levels of access for groups and individuals. Approval or denial of access can be made by category, individual, or time of day. This flexibility allows businesses, schools and libraries to easily maximize productivity while protecting users and the organization against objectionable content.

When a network user requests a URL or Web site, SonicWALL CFS
captures that destination and checks it against its immense
database. If the user does not have permission to access this type
of material, denial is enforced. The entire process, from request to
denial or permission, takes only a fraction of a second.

Driven by a powerful new rating and caching architecture, SonicWALL CFS is an enterprise-grade service that rates and filters millions of URLs, IP addresses and Web sites. Ratings for acceptable Web sites are cached within the SonicWALL appliances for instantaneous access.

Administered through an intuitive interface, SonicWALL CFS enables filtering and control to take place directly over a LAN, wireless LAN or VPN. The innovative rating and caching architecture and remarkable speed of SonicWALL CFS combined with the power and scalability of SonicWALL appliances delivers an integrated, easy-to-use, manageable solution for networks of any size.

For more inforrmation and/or a free quote click here, or alternatively call us on 01772 454447.

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